Wifinserv Monthly Investment Plan

What is Wifinserv Monthly Plan ?

Wifinserv Monthly plan is where you can invest and enjoy interest with only maturity period of 30 days.Low risk, high returns. Make investing profitable with Wifinserv. Great way for you to start small and make it big.

Features and Benefits of Wifinserv Monthly Investment Plan.

- Flexible Investment

When investing in Monthly Plan you earn interest on a monthly period to suit your financial needs. This can help you with your liquidity needs, and you can ladder your investments to enjoy a higher cash inflow.

- Minimum deposit & Investment Cycle.

Now with minimum deposit of Rs. 500 invest in a Wifinserv, which will make you easier to invest and earn. With this minimum deposit amount, you can start investing any time, without having to wait to accumulate a larger corpus. With this small minimum investment amount, You can invest every month and earn better returns. Which could eventually sum up to a good amount of money if you save-invest-save-invest and keep this cycle going on.

- Multiple Invest deposits facility.

When choosing for investment for a small period, you can also choose to invest in multiple amount deposits. Opt for all different amounts in Monthly Plan, because one amount plan can only be bought once and after maturity of previous plan of same amount. Multiple amounts plans will generate multiple interest for each of those deposits.

- Professionally Managed.

Investments managed by professionals with considerable expertise and experience. Through analysis of markets and economy, they pick favourable investment opportunities, so you get higher gains.

Popular Plan - Fixed Deposit

FD's are simple to understand and that is why they are popular in India. However, they suffer both in terms of growth and impact of tax. Remember, being low risk, its interest income is always being nibbled by inflation.

Upto 30% Return Offered

With 0% Risk*

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